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Run x11vnc on lightdm


Modifying the default auto-type sequence in KeepassX

Main reason: I do not want KeepassX to press “Return”. I want to do this myself to prevent pasting into the wrong window. Right click on root group on the left side and select “Edit group” Select “Set default Auto-Type-Sequence” and set it to “{USERNAME}{TAB}{PASSWORD}” This will override the default auto-type-sequence and not hit return […]

Run Plex Media Scanner as cronjob


List installed Proxmox kernels

List installed Proxmox kernels:

List installed Proxmox kernels without currently used kernel:

Remove unused kernels (this may remove the lastest kernel, if no reboot was done, since last kernel update):


Reduce Matroska video / audio quality before streaming with netcat

Without resolution change:

Downsampling from to 1280×720:

Receiving with VLC and netcat: