List installed Proxmox kernels

List installed Proxmox kernels: dpkg -l | cut -d” ” -f3 | grep pve-kernel List installed Proxmox kernels without currently used kernel: dpkg -l | cut -d” ” -f3 | grep pve-kernel | grep -v “$(uname -r)” Remove unused kernels (this may remove the lastest kernel, if no reboot was done, since last kernel update): […]

Documenting: API

Endpoints /tasks URL Methods GET URL Params “start” – optional Format: “YYYY-MM-DD” Can be abbreviated (e.g. “YYYY-MM”) “end” – optional Format: “YYYY-MM-DD” Can be abbreviated (e.g. “YYYY-MM”) Success Response 200 Content List of task IDs Error Response 404 NOT FOUND Content None Reason No results found 400 BAD REQUEST Reason check the date format malformed […]

New tool: Outgoing port checker

Yesterday I created a new tool, that let’s you check the firewall configuration of your network and other networks for outgoing open ports. Many public networks do not allow the full port range to be used and figuring out, which ports can be used and which cannot be used, may give you a hard time. […]

Running Pyload in Docker

I created an image that allows to run Pyload in Docker: You can pull the image from Docker hub and run it by using docker pull janphi/pyload docker run -p 8000:8000 janphi/pyload Default username and password is “admin” / “admin”. Have fun. Github: